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Goodbye Harry

Our little Harrier Jet (Harry) died this evening. She was 10.5 years old and is predeceased by her parents Chiqui (4 years) and Angel (6 years).

Harry had a big tumour on her butt and her toes didn't work any more because Brimley had broken them all. About two months ago, Brimley broke her leg. This afternoon, she lost that leg and died from loss of blood. She was unconscious on the floor when I came home; but regained consciousness for a minute or two (opened and then closed her eyes) when I picked her up. She immediately succumbed to her injuries while I snuggled her. Perhaps if I had been home just 10 minutes earlier, I could have saved her. Then again, she is no longer suffering.

She has been quite ill for about three months, and has been snuggling with me for a couple of hours each day for a little less than a week. She had not come near us since she originally fledged and learned to fly so we knew her days were numbered.
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