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NaNo 2009

Getting going again

It has been difficult; but I have managed to get writing again. The story is starting to flow. There's still along way to go and I'm still almost 6,000 words behind; but there is finally some movement.


Yah! Movement. :)
At least it is in the right direction. And, yes, I did send the file to other computers and my webmail just to make sure it stays in the right direction.
Movement is the beginning of enlightenment.
Movement is the beginning of a book.
What else does one need?
It's the nano. Quantity matters foremost.
Quality, plot and characters come second.
Stream your consciousness and let it blossom!

*puts down megaphone and squints at brave nano participant*
((((Emma)))) You make a wonderful cheerleader. I'll see how much I write tonight with only 2.5 hours of sleep under my belt from last night.

Note to self: Quality is over-rated in November. Just think equate writing to chocolate and go for quantity.
I'm glad the story has started to flow! :-) If you're on a roll then you might still be able to catch up. From what I've heard, being 6,000 words behind is often the norm with NaNo. *g*
Alas, I've had only two days where I met or exceeded the minimum daily word count to achieve NaNo success. I find I can't write because I'm trying to keep Brimley from screaming and driving the neighbours nuts. That leaves me writing after Brimley and hubby go to bed. I'm getting very sleepy.
That's awful! No wonder you're not meeting your minimum daily word count! :-( I know I find it very hard to write after about 10:30 or 11:00 at night. In fact, I seem to write best in the mornings, which is strange considering that I'm not a morning person at all...Anyway, it shows real dedication and perserverence on your part to keep writing under the circumstances. I think I would have been tempted to throw in the towel and give it another shot next year - despite my stubborn streak.

Good luck with the writing. Considering what you're dealing with at the moment, I wouldn't get too worried about meeting the exact word count. Even if you get halfway there, it's a big accomplishment. I mean, that's half a novel done!
I find the middle of the night is when I write best. I have no other distractions so I can concentrate better. Since I bought headphones, I can listen to Meat Loaf without waking anyone.

I *will* reach 50,000 words. This is my fifth year and I refuse to fail. Yup, I've got a stubborn streak too. My sister says I always hated to lose.

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