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History: I've had knee pain for years. We discovered an osteochondroma (benign bone tumour) about ten years ago and assumed the pain was from it.

Today: I went to a specialist who assumed the same thing when he looked at the xrays, and then looked for other causes when I pointed to where it hurt. (Same knee, different location.) He has diagnosed patella femoral syndrome (PFS) due to a week vastus medialus oblique (VMO); although, he said it is more likely that I have over-strengthening of the three other quad muscles and just have to strengthen the VMO to "catch up". The pain is unrelated to the tumour at all, and is more likely partially caused by overpronation of my foot. Yup. Those orthotics are a necessary expense. So, I'm off to physiotherapy. He also gave me a shot directly into the knee joint and it hurts worse than before. Maybe the cure really is worse than the disease.


I have almost always found the cure to be worse than the disease, at least in the short run. I've also found that finding the "correct" cause a bit of a journey. Medicine , so much fun.
Medicine is a science? I'm not so sure. I'm just happy this doctor has looked beyond the xray to see that the pain is in a different spot than the tumour.
I meant to respond to this yesterday. I'm sorry you've been experiencing knee pain again. I hope physiotherapy will provide some relief. That shot in your knee joint sounds nasty! By the sounds of it, the cure is worse than the disease! :-(
Not to worry. I don't expect responses to every post, nor do I expect them immediately.

The "cure" is finally starting to work. Apparently, the tissue inside the joint is incredibly sensitive and it can take up to 48 hours before the initial pain goes away. I have some relief now.

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