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The Road

We went to see the movie "The Road" yesterday. I had read a review that said it was like "Zombieland" without the humour. That's pretty accurate. It was bleak and depressing. Granted, it was supposed to be. I just don't understand how, in a world where people are starving enough to kill and eat other humans, a family can still have a dog. That just doesn't make sense.

Anyway, I came away from the experience wanting to slit my wrists. See the movie only if you are in good mental health. It was very well done; but will not be for everyone.


Uh...I think I'll skip it. Movies have a tendency to stay with me days -- sometimes even weeks -- after I see them, especially if they're bleak and depressing. At least the family didn't eat the dog, as illogical as that seems. I can't watch movies with animals unless I'm willing to indulge in some serious catharsis. *g*
From what I understand, the book is much better. Hubby wants the book, so I may read it one day. Of course, it may end up on my "never read this again" list just like Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar".

I read "The Bell Jar" twice and ended up suicidal both times. The first time was for school. The second time was because I wanted to see if a book could cause my mood to sink that badly. The answer: yup, it could.
Shouldn't the dog have been lunch before you start eating people... not that I want to see or know what happened to the dog, but there should not have been a pet.

Not that I'm seeing the movie, I am moody enough already with a few mini-break downs over the last few weeks, thank you.
I know your moods and I highly recommend that you avoid the movie.
Gimme those wrists! I'll keep 'm safe.
So not going to that movie. Thanks for the warning.
My wrists are safe; but the movie is incredibly depressing. I highly recommend going on if you are in the mood for an art film with very heavy subject matter.

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