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Nigerian Plane Bomber

Okay, this guy had the explosives in the crotch of his underwear. Now airport security is doing pat-downs on passengers. Does this mean they are going to pat crotches? If not, they would not find this type of device.

I'm anticipating the day when we arrive at the airport where we will be handed a paper gown and paper slippers, told to disrobe and put our clothing in our baggage to be inspected and checked, then ushered onto the plane with all the other paper-gown-clad cattle without any personal belongings. Oh, and we will also have our hands and feet tied to the seats with plastic ties until the plane lands safely and the doors are open for us to proceed to pick up our bags. I hope only that they give us gowns that actually cover my body.

Another peeve: Why is sarcasm or satirical not listed as a mood? I really, really want to choose one of those for this.
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