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NCL Sun ship

Third time's the charm

Finally! After having my passport photo rejected twice, I finally got my new passport. The panic is over.

Passport Canada rejected my first photo because a lock of hair was touching my eyebrow. It was not touching or obscuring the eye in any way. So, I went to get the photo redone and put on a headband to hold the hair back. My hair was still clearly visible as the headband was not wide or large in any way. They rejected that photo because I was wearing a "head covering" and head coverings are permitted only if it is religious. Both times, they returned my rejected applications with forms that contained check boxes of reasons for rejection. Both times, they had to write in the reasons. If the reasons had to be written in, they couldn't have been that important.

To be honest, I'm surprised they didn't reject my third photo. Applicants are not supposed to show any emotion in a photo and Hubby said I looked like I wanted to kill someone.


I can't believe Passport Canada rejected your passport for such stupid reasons! I could understand if your bangs were covering your eyes, but a lock of hair over one eyebrow? And you only wore that headband with the second attempt to prevent having hair anywhere near your eyes! Well, it's a good thing they accepted your photo on the third attempt. As you look like you want to kill someone maybe they got the hint and decided not to mess with you anymore! *g*
I think I just kept getting someone who takes things a little too far. I think security should be taken seriously; but the little lock of hair touching the eyebrow didn't obscure anything. Oh well, at least the new photo looks like I will after dealing with customs and immigration officials.

If it had been rejected again, I would have got my MP involved because it is now only 40 days before I leave.
But that is the perfect picture expression when you think about where you generally have to show your passport. Who doesn't feel like killing someone after a long trip followed by a long line up for immigration.

I am not going to comment on power hungry immigration officers. Nope not at all. Losers!
Just happy it's over now. With any luck I won't get pulled out of line again like when I went to Vegas with the Kamber crew. That was embarrassing.
Beware of Bureaucracy Empowerment!
Glad they showed they could be benign too.

(I guess that is how assassins get on board:
look like you want to kill someone.
Then you are cleared.)

*more headdesk*
I'm just happy I got the document. I was starting to get really worried that there might have been a conspiracy. *looks around nervously* ;)

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