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NCL Sun ship


It's just another week before I head to my Mom's for the start of the vacation. We don't fly out until 7pm on the Thursday, but she wants me at her place the night before. She figures we won't get much sleep (presumably due to excitement) so we're going to drink wine and play cards all night. I could think of worse ways to start a vacation.

I started packing. I've pulled together all the over-the-counters medications I might need (motion-sickness, pain pills, vitamins, etc.) and various toiletries. I also washed any new clothes I plan to take and fixed a few seams that weren't sewn very well. Oh, and the all-important stuff...I gathered together my camera, MP3 player, and chargers. Don't want to forget those.

Yup, starting to get excited now. Hah! Starting! That's a laugh.


Ooooooh! I can't believe that your vacation is only about another week away! Time does pass quickly! :-) Well, it sounds like you're very organized if you've already started packing, washing clothes, etc. I'm guessing that you'll have very little to do by next week, except be excited! *g*
I learned to be organized about packing the hard way. One my first cruise (30 years ago next month) I forgot to pack underwear. I had to wash out my one pair every night. Oh, and I was sharing a cabin with three people I didn't know.
LOL! Oh, dear! Well, that's certainly one way to learn how to be organized! *g*
Oh yeah! I don't pack at the last minute any more...and the underwear is already packed.
*bounce bounce*
Preparations are fun too, aren't they?

Thanks so much for all the warmth and hugs you send over to me these past few difficult weeks.
Yup, preparations are fun too. I just have the nagging feeling I'm forgetting something.

You are very welcome for all the warmth and hugs. Having been through it with my dad, I feel a great deal of empathy for you. *huggles*

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