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Penguin - Mambo

Travel Update

Our first flight was delayed by snow. Our second flight was delayed by snow. When we landed in Santiago, Chile (yes, the one with the earthquake), a bird hit the plane and our third flight was canceled. Our travel agent managed to get six of the group on a plane (people with mobility issues and their travel companions). The remaining 12-14 people are still stuck in Santiago. They are shaken up a bit, but fine. We expect them to be able to join us either tomorrow before we sail or the following day in our first port of Montevideo. Our luggage has not caught up with us yet, so Mom is a little restricted without her walker. Aside from that, we´ve made some friends and are having a great time.


I'm so glad that you and your mom are okay despite everything you've had to go through so far! It's lucky that you weren't in Santiago when the earthquake hit, though it sounds like those 12-14 people from your group made it through okay. It's good that you and your mom have managed to make some new friends and are coping without your luggage and the walker. I'm sure that a bumpy start to your trip means that everything else should go smoothly. Try to hang in there until your luggage (and the rest of your group) arrives.
I have posted regarding your little adventure. I had woke up this morning to the news of the quake and my first thoughts, not surprisingly, were of you and your mom. Trying to remember your schedule, possible delays (I had also thought of you as I watched the snow falling the night before) and the odds of you being in Chile at the time of the quake.

At this point you are still ahead of SailorJack in the odds of having a great cruise. You've just had a rough start pre-cruise. Watch out for the Suzukis. :)
The things that happen to you when you travel!! O.o
The good thing is that now all went wrong on the trip is in the past. The rest must be a very sunny side scenario.
(Or you have the plot of your first novel :D)


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