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Penguin - Mambo

Trip entry number 1

Note: This comes primarily from my mother's journal, so it is not all in my own words.

Thursday, February 24, 2010 – Ottawa, Canada

Mom picked me up at work and we drove to her apartment. Surprisingly, we were able to sleep the night before leaving on the trip.

Friday, February 25, 2010 – Ottawa, Canada

Mom and I took my sister-in-law out for lunch after she gave Mom a haircut. Then we had a rest and my sister-in-law drove us to the airport where we checked in and got ready to wait. We waited and got on the plane and waited some more while we waited to get de-iced. Finally got ready and left three hours late. Finally got to Toronto after the flight attendants told us the Canadian women and men won their hockey games. Women won gold, men won semi-final.

We met Karen and Audrey as we got off the plane. Karen and I went to get wheelchairs for Audrey and Mom because the cart service is lousy. It was a long flight but we finally got settled in and de-iced and on our way. The airline fed us and we were all very hungry and food revived us somewhat. We finally got to snooze a bit. We had breakfast on the plane. Everyone else got off the plane but we who need wheelchairs were allowed to remain (with our companions) until we take off for Buenos Aires, Argentina at 2:30pm Chilean time. Only we don’t take off because our plane hit a bird (albatross) and got damaged so our flight was cancelled. Sandy (Captain Sandy's Cruise Tours) got busy and told us wheelchairs (Joyce, Audrey, Beelee, Shubert, and companions Karen and Nancy) not to let anyone take us anywhere without his say-so. So with the language barriers and people trying to move us out of the way, Nancy and Karen did a good job of control. Sandy got tickets on LAN Airway for tonight so here we are waiting again for a plane.

Beelee, Karen, Joyce, Shubert, Audrey, and Nancy all made it to Buenos Aires but our luggage didn’t. Neither did the Air Canada representative who was supposed to meet us. So we reported missing luggage, including Mom's walker, and Mom had her first cigarette since we left home on Thursday at 3pm. This is now Saturday at 1am. Didn’t hear how the hockey game went but Mom hopes Canada did okay. Karen managed to find how to take a bus to our hotel and we got here just after 12:30 Saturday morning and got to our room. Karen and Audrey are two doors down. We don’t know where Beelee and Shubert’s room is but we’re all here. No room service so we’ll be hungry until morning.



Oh, it's fabulous that you have access to your mom's travel journal and can include so many details! It sounds like the flight alone was an adventure -- and that was before the plane hit an albatross! It sucks that you weren't able to eat when you arrived at your hotel in Buenos Aires. Here's hoping the meals were more regular once you reached the cruise ship.

I'm really looking forward to reading the other installments. Unfortunately, I may not have time to read any more today. However, I will read them all when time allows.
Take your time. The journal is not going anywhere.

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