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Penguin - Mambo

Trip entry number 2

Saturday, February 27, 2010 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Big earthquake in Santiago while we were in the air – the airport is damaged and Sandy and the rest of the group are still there. We met Tony and he says everyone is okay, but our luggage??? And Mom is without her walker and clean clothes. We went for breakfast and met Beelee & Shubert, Karen & Audrey, so we’ll play it by ear until we hear further. I went to see if I could find an English newspaper. The only paper was printed before the earthquake, so it was useless to us. Mom checked on TV and it looks like Canada won their game last night, but no English news.

We put TV on and watched some of the pictures. We learned that the Spanish word for earthquake is “terremoto”. Captain Sandy’s office at home is phoning all our emergency numbers to tell them we are all okay and we are just left in limbo wondering what happens next and what happened to the 17 left behind, including friend Debbie’s Aunt Isabell.

I accompanied Mom when she went out for a smoke (I wouldn’t let her go out alone) and when we came in we met Olga who is also on our tour. Our cruise hasn’t started yet and we had more excitement than either of us has ever had on a cruise. What’s in our suitcases can be replaced and all the people in the group seem to be okay so far. I went to a nearby mall to look for an Internet café and maybe pick up a pair of underpants for Mom. I learned through previous experience to pack two days worth of clothes in my carry-on.

The mall (Gallerie Pacifico) was three levels and had a painted ceiling that made it look like the inside of a cathedral. I couldn’t believe the beautiful leather goods. I would have bought a full-length leather coat if I could find one to fit. If I were staying for a week in one place, I would consider having one custom made. The prices were very inexpensive. I bought a Latin American Spanish phrase book (Lonely Planet) and brought back Caesar salads for lunch. Mom went for a smoke and I hopped on the Internet (from a place I could keep an eye on Mom. I sent emails to family and friends to say we are here safely in Buenos Aires, then both of us had a snooze.

While Mom went out for another smoke, she talked to Tony. It may be early March before the Santiago airport is up and operating. Now there is a tsunami heading for Hawaii and Vancouver. We went down for a drink and then we boarded the bus for a tour and then a steak dinner. We found out that Beelee inherited half of the island of Zanzibar from her father.

Dinner was fabulous. I’ve never had such good steak. It was tender and cooked perfectly (medium-rare for me). It melted in my mouth. The servers were wonderful. The wine was delicious. We saw some of the city of Buenos Aires on the way to and from the dinner. Some people opted to go to a tango show after dinner, but we were tired and just wanted to sleep so we went back to the hotel.



I was wondering what you and your mom had gotten up to on the day of the earthquake in Santiago. It sounds like you managed pretty well, despite the circumstances. It's great that you were able to visit the Gallerie Pacifico and had such a fabulous dinner that night. :-)
Yeah, it was an exciting couple of days in Buenos Aires while we were trying to get information on the people we left in Santiago and poor Tony was trying to figure out how to reschedule the sightseeing around the remote possibility of those folks joining us. I think most of us enjoyed our trip.

Galleria Pacifico is just another shopping mall (yawn) except for the beautiful painted ceiling in the main court.

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