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Penguin - Mambo

Trip entry number 3

Sunday, February 28, 2010 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Today’s the day we get on the ship. Mom was so deeply asleep that I had to really work to wake her. We both had showers and went down for breakfast where we greeted the amigos (survivors). We won’t let our backpacks out of our hands. We toured the city and I took pictures because Mom’s extra cameras are in her missing suitcase. Claudia is again our guide and the same bus driver as last night.

When we got to the port Mom had to do some walking. Finally she got a wheelchair to get to where we registered. Then she walked up the ramp and had to wait for a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk any further. The ramp was very steep and able-bodied people were having difficulty. After getting up to the top, we were informed that we could have gone in two decks below if we had told them she needed a wheelchair. We took this as a lesson and used it to make disembarkation easier.

Mom’s walker was with our luggage in Santiago, so we made arrangements to rent a wheelchair. Mom can push it and walk or if I can push her. We did the muster on-deck drill then went to the dining room and had a comfortable dinner served to us. Then we hit the stores and Mom bought capri jeans, an NCL t-shirt, some undies, socks and a pair of Crocs. Mom cancelled her shore excursions because she can’t do them with a wheelchair. I decided to cancel my Montevideo shore excursion so I can shop for clothes. When we came back to our room Noel was just separating our beds. Tony says we get free laundry so we unpacked out new clothes and got ready for bed.




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