njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

Trip entry number 5

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 – at sea

Up at 7am, bright, sunny morning and then fog moved in and out again. Breakfast arrived. We went and learned how to make a flower. Sat with Beelee and Shubert and Shirley. Then to Cruise Critics Meet and Greet. Met Keith and Lynne from Stittsville. Came back to cabin and picked up stuff and left stuff. Went to the shops and Mom bought a book. Then we started to have lunch at the Garden Café but decided to go to the dining room to be served (easier for me than trying to push Mom and pick up food). We met Audrey and had a chat then decided to come back to our cabin and relax. We both had a nap. Mom couldn’t keep her eyes open when she tried to read. The ship’s motion rocks me to sleep. After we woke, we put on our other pants and went to dinner. Our server was a sweetheart named Jennifer from the Philippines and we had hugs. Then we invited Marty and Betty from Welland to join us and we had a nice visit – came back to our cabin and I went to the Garden Café for water, tea and cookies for our bed time snacks.

Tags: vacation

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