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Trip entry number 6

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 – Puerto Madryn, Argentina

It has been a very enjoyable day. Mom read in bed until she fell asleep. Up at 7am. Land on the port side and calm waters. Breakfast arrived and we watched the ship dock at Puerto Madryn, Argentina. Weather is lovely with scattered clouds and light breeze. I’m going on a tour today and Mom’s going to stay in our cabin and relax and read. Ship unloaded on the port side so Mom had a great view of the city. She watched me leave the ship and board the bus. (Mom’s words: I hope she has a great tour because she’s looking after me very well and deserves free time for her enjoyment without having to worry about me.) Mom ordered lunch and read for a while, then got cold and crawled in the bed to read until she got sleepy. I got back and woke her up around 5:15pm.

The shore excursion was enjoyable. We bussed from Puerto Madryn to Trelew and Gaiman. We stopped at a paleontology museum where I bought a light wool ruana for the cool days coming up as we move farther south. (My coat is in my luggage, which is in Santiago.) We stopped to look at a cove full of sea lions. There were birds there that were coloured like penguins, but could fly. They were rock shags. We also stopped at a Welsh tea house for high tea. The tea itself was a little strong for me, but the sandwiches, pastries and the choir were delightful.

We got ready and called on Karen and Audrey on the way to dinner with them and, as usual, we had a great time then back to our room where we found a frog on Mom’s bed. Glenda was our server and the usual one for Karen and Audrey because they need gluten-free. She was very nice.

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