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Penguin - Mambo

Trip entry number 7

Thursday, March 4, 2010 – at sea

Weather was foggy in the night and still is and it’s raining as well. Breakfast arrived and then I had a snooze while Mom I read. Then we both had a shower and sorted clothes for the laundry. We went to the Tanzanite demo. Then we shopped and on the way back to drop off our clothes on the way back to lunch we almost ran over the Captain (Tommy Stensrud, Norwegian who lives in Saskatchewan with his Canadian wife when not at sea). Then we did the trivia and came to the coffee bar (Mom had coffee; I had chai) and a place to read. Went to the Observation Lounge and played cards. Then came back to our cabin for a rest. Tony called to say they have our luggage and we’ll likely get it at the Hotel Kennedy when we end our cruise. Then we went to check our menus at some cover charge restaurants and then went to the Seven Seas for dinner and Glenda was once again our server. We had a bottle of wine with our meal. Came back to our cabin and then went to the Garden Café for coffee and tea and played cards until it started to get busy with late diners so we got our cookies, et cetera and came back to our cabin where we found a dog on Mom’s bed. Got ready for bed and read a while then lights out.



Okay, just a really quick comment for this post...Is there a reason that animals kept appearing on your mom's bed? First there was a frog and then a dog. Were these living breathing animals...? It's pretty late, so maybe I'm seeing things. *g*
An elephant comes next. They were towel animals.
Oh, I see! Strangely enough, that's both a disappointment and a relief! *g*
Relief...especially when one considers what an elephant would do to a bed. lol

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