njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

Trip entry number 8

Friday, March 5, 2010 – Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

Fog is starting to lift and there is some blue sky and rather calm seas. Falkland Islands came in sight while we were eating breakfast. Mom read and I snoozed (surprise…the ship’s motion really does put me to sleep) and finally we got dressed to go ashore. I got tender tickets and we headed down to get on the tender. We walked (I walked and Mom rode), checked out gift shops and then went to Deano’s (pub) for fish and chips and mushy peas, then back for the return tender ride and back onboard the Sun and up to our cabin. After Mom had a cigarette we went to the Garden Café for a salad and a drink. Back to our cabin where we watched a jellyfish swim by to check out our ship. We had a rest and then went to Captain Sandy’s Cocktail Party where the six amigos (caballeros, according to Shubert) sat together but mingled and talked to lots of others. Then Karen, Audrey, Mom and I went to dinner and Glenda served us very well. Then back to our room where we worked on the Daily Sudoku #6 and Mom managed to do it before me. (I didn’t realize we were competing or I would have started mine at the same time.)

Tags: vacation

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