njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

Trip entry number 9

Saturday, March 6, 2010 – at sea

The sun has come out but there’s fog along the water so the fog horn is sounding. I went back to bed and Mom read for a while then we got ready and went to Windjammer’s and made origami boxes, then to the photo lab and on to the Garden Café for a salad lunch. Came back to our cabin for a rest – I went to take pictures and came back and said that it was lovely on the pool deck so we decided to go swimming. Mom dropped her big wedding ring in the pool and I dove several times before I could get it for her. Yup, that salt water sure adds to buoyancy. I made Mom take all her rings off and tie them on the tie belt of her swimming shorts. While we were swimming Karen and Audrey stopped by to say hello. Went back to the cabin to shower. Then we came up to the Observation Lounge to play cards. Went to Pool Deck for “Round the Horn” ceremony but left because everybody was pushing and we were frustrated. One person actually started to try to climb over Mom in her wheelchair. Came back to the Observation Lounge to watch as we rounded the Horn. I went down to the Garden Café to get some supper because the Observation Lounge is very busy and we want to keep our seats. Garden Café was closed so she went to the Great Outdoor Café for some pasta and banana bread. She went out and got lots of pictures as we rounded the Horn at 6:18pm and the sea is calm and the sun is shining, not at all like all the books we’ve read where it took days in wild seas and rain. I guess we hit it very lucky. After we went around the Horn we stopped and asked Karen and Audrey if they would join us for dinner and we had a wild good time. Then after dinner we went to the show and watched Cirque Pan. (There really wasn’t a lot of resemblance to Peter Pan.) Then back to the cabin just before 10pm.

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