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Trip entry number 10

Sunday, March 7, 2010 – Ushuaia, Argentina

We woke in Ushuaia, Argentina. Weather looks great – sweater weather. I pushed Mom into town and brought her back to the ship then went back on my own. I mailed a postcard to Randy because this is “the end of the world” and his birthday is coming up. I met Karen and Audrey as they were returning to the ship. Audrey came back on board and Karen and I went into town to “shop”. While I was in town Mom went to the Garden Café and had lunch. I brought Mom back chocolates and a magnet. We left port about 3pm heading for the Beagle Channel. After we got some cookies et cetera for me (because the Garden Café was a mad house) we came back to our cabin where we both had a snooze. We were sailing into wind and fog in the Beagle Channel but it cleared and the sun came out. Mom sat on the balcony and took some pictures and I went up on the topmost deck to get pictures. We finally went down for dinner after 8pm and saw Karen and Audrey leaving shortly after we got there.

I couldn’t find my info for my shore excursion the next morning (in the missing luggage), but Ann phoned while we were at dinner and phoned back later. Ann came to our cabin and gave Nancy her tender ticket and information on where to meet and when to meet. We went to bed and read for a while.

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