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Trip entry number 11

Monday, March 8, 2010 – Punta Arenas, Chile

I got ready for my shore trip and Shubert phoned to say they were going into town and would be back for lunch. This is a good day for me to stay close to our cabin and the bathroom. (Too much fruit??) Maintenance came and replaced a light bulb. Weather looks threatening. I hope it stays away while I’m ashore. This is the excursion I’ve been anticipating. I’m going to see penguins with the Cruise Critics group. The trip was fabulous. It was a penguin preserve on Islas Magdalena. The whole island is full of Magellanic penguins and they are not afraid of humans. I took pictures and little movies for almost an hour. I even got a short movie of one pecking my toe because I was getting too close. When we headed back to the boat (Zodiac) the captain was telling us to rush because a storm was coming up. The trip back (90 minutes) was rather exciting with lots of movement. Once I learned to roll with the waves instead of trying to hold myself stiff, I enjoyed the waves. No one got sick, but there were some who were very thankful when we reached shore.

While Mom was out having a cigarette a couple of porpoises came by and she tried to get a picture but she might have missed and just have a picture of waves.

I came back and brought Mom a penguin hat and a magnet. Later I went and got myself some lunch and had a short snooze. Tony phoned and came up to visit and talk and get a form filled out for our missing luggage. We phoned Audrey and Karen and we got together and went to dinner then we went and got Sudoku papers and two books for me to read. We are now cruising northward in the Pacific Ocean. We’ve been through the Beagle Channel and the Straits of Magellan.

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