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Trip entry number 12

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 – at sea

Up just before 7am and the Pacific isn’t very pacific. We are bouncing quite a bit. Drawers in the bathroom keep opening up and the hangers are all dancing. We are in a force 9 gale with seas of 4 to 6 meters high…mostly 6 meters. When we hit a great big one, the wash comes as high as the eleventh deck. We have decided the best place to be is right here in our cabin and in bed most of the time. Mom’s gut still isn’t settled yet so she’ll take it easy on food today. We got dressed with great difficulty because the ship was listing to the port very badly. I had fun wheeling Mom against the list and we went to get our passports only to find out it had been postponed until tomorrow because of the rough seas. So we went to the Garden Café for our lunch. It was a mad mob scene, but one of the helpers took our plates and served up our food then found us a table in the Pacific Heights restaurant. Then we wandered to the reception area and found a spot where we could do the daily Sudoku before we came back to our room for a snooze. Sea is much calmer because we are now cruising in the Chilean Fjords. The wind is still strong but we’re not listing as badly. We had showers and got ready to dine with our Captain Sandy’s reduced group at the Italian restaurant (Il Adagio).

The sun comes out once in a while and it is glorious, then another squall sweeps in. There is snow on some of the mountains on the islands of the fjords. We got to the Italian Restaurant and sat with (guess who) Audrey and Karen – none of us really enjoyed the food and we were all in separate booths so we greeted everybody up and down the aisle when we got ready to leave. Karen and Audrey came back with us to our cabin and chatted for quite a while until I showed them the globe I bought for Randy. Then we went back to the shop to get globes because they loved them and hadn’t seen them in the shop. Mom stayed in the cabin and brought her journal (the one from which I’ve taken most of this information) up to date. I came back and we went to the chocolate lovers’ buffet. What a mob scene! Met Donnie and Joyce from Arkansas and Mom visited with them. Donnie has a real crush on Mom. We came back to our cabin. While I was with Karen and Audrey at the shop, I bought Mom a tuxedo shirt to go with Mom’s penguin hat. Audrey and Karen felt I had to get it for her and that she has to wear it at our next Captain Sandy’s group dinner. Mom’s just crazy enough to do it.

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