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Penguin - Mambo

Trip entry number 15

Friday, March 12, 2010 – Puerto Montt, Chile

Mom spent the day and the night in the Medical Centre. I wandered Puerto Montt and took pictures. I came back to check on Mom. I read for a while, and then got dressed for the Captain Sandy’s cocktail party. I stopped in to see Mom on the way there. I went to dinner with Audrey and Karen and then checked on Mom again before bed. All the staff is asking about Mom. It is very touching. Sandy has joined our group. He stayed in Santiago with the folks who missed the trip and flew with them back to Ottawa. Then he turned around and got on another plane to join us. He checked our hotel in Santiago to ensure it was undamaged and came on to Puerto Montt to board the ship. Of course I flirted with him. He has Parkinson’s and his joke is that he no longer puts his hands in his pockets. I saucily told him putting his hand in my pocket would be more fun. Without batting an eye, he said, “What time?” My reply was, “Later.” He phoned the cabin later that night, but only to check on Mom’s health. I’m just thankful he didn’t call my bluff.



I'm sorry your mom ended up having to stay in the Medical Centre. That's such a shame. I always feel really bad for people who get sick or injured on their vacations. At least she knew that people were thinking of her. Even Sandy (who sounds like a really nice guy if he flew back to Ottawa with the Santiago folks) took the time to phone and ask about your mom's health...or so he claims. Maybe he really had planned to call your bluff and chickened out. *g*
Mom is fully recovered now.

Sandy *is* a really nice guy and I have no doubts that he places his wife and daughter above calling my bluff. I'm happy Sandy didn't call my bluff because it would have negatively affected my glowing opinion of him.

There was one other guy who wasn't so nice. I had met him and his wife on one of the shore excursions. I ran into him that evening and told him Mom was in the Medical Centre for the night. He said that would leave my cabin free so we could (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). I politely said, "No, thank you," and avoided him for the rest of the trip.

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