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Penguin - Mambo

Trip entry number 16

Saturday, March 13, 2010 – at sea

I was still asleep when Mom was wheeled into the cabin. She had “sprung herself” from Sick Bay and got back and had a shower. The nurses had not bathed her at all. In fact, she had to ask for a washcloth and basin so she could wash her face. I ordered food for Mom then went to have my own breakfast. Shubert phoned and so did Tony to ask how Mom’s doing. Barbara phoned looking for me and told Mom where she’d be. Mom ate some toast, drank cranberry juice and water. She is slowly getting some strength back. As Mom is restricted to the cabin, I returned the wheelchair.

I came back to our cabin and had a shower and got ready to go to Captain Sandy’s dinner. Mom told me to go and have fun, that she’d be fine. While I was at dinner, the nurse phoned to check up on Mom.

Dinner was in Le Bistro French restaurant. We were at three tables, roughly divided into two tables of couples who were travelling together and one table of those of us who were not part of groups. Tony sat at one end and Sandy at the other. I sat to Tony’s right with Audrey beside me. Louise sat to Tony’s left with Karen beside her. The remaining two seats (to Sandy’s left and right) were for Beelee and Shubert who did not show up. The entire group waited for them. Sandy and Tony each scoured the ship separately for them and phoned their cabin. No sign of them was found, so we reluctantly proceeded with the dinner. Unlike Il Adagio, dinner was quite good. We had a great time telling jokes and drinking a lot more wine than we probably should have.




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