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Trip entry number 17

Sunday, March 14, 2010 – Valparaiso, Chile & Santiago, Chile

Finally up after 6am and had a shower. Breakfast came and we finished packing and a wheelchair arrived to take Mom to Sandy’s group at our meeting point. We were put through immigration in jig time then bussed from Valparaiso to Santiago and brought to our hotel and, halleluiah, our bags and Mom’s walker were there. Mom and I had lunch with Audrey and Karen in the hotel restaurant. Then Karen, Audrey and I took a sightseeing tour and Mom went up to have a rest. Mom went for another cigarette and Sandy kept her company while he was waiting for his room. Mom offered him my bed so he could rest while he waited. He politely declined. This is funny, considering the joking Sandy and I had done previously.

When we returned from sightseeing, I found Mom reading in the pool area. Audrey, Karen, Mom and I decided to meet at 7pm for dinner. We came back to our room and Sandy phoned. I went to the lobby to return the pen he had lent me. We went down early to the bar and had a drink then we had to wait until the dining room opened. Mom went for a smoke and then we went into the dining room and had dinner. The hydro went off all over the city. This has sure been an interesting journey: snow storms, birds (albatross) hitting our plane, missing the earthquake, no luggage, no walker, no hydro in Santiago. What next??? Let’s hope it’s nothing more than a good time. We’ve managed that already.

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