njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

Trip entry number 18

Monday, March 16, 2010 – Santiago, Chile

I had my shower so we got dressed and went down for breakfast and sat with Louise and then Audrey joined us. After breakfast, we returned to the room so I could change my shoes. I went to the Mall with Audrey and Karen. Mom showered then sorted through her luggage and organized somewhat before going down to the pool area to read.

Louise joined Mom and they talked for a while. Audrey and Karen came back by taxi and told Mom I was walking back. I came in just moments later when Louise and Mom had ordered a light lunch in the pool area. We read and napped for much of the afternoon, then joined Audrey and Karen for a three hour disaster dinner. All the orders were wrong and had to be returned. The girls left very tiny tips (200 pesos or about $0.40). Mom went for a smoke while Karen and I had dessert. Audrey went back to her room because she was stiffening up sitting so long. We finally, after meeting Tony and Sandy in the downstairs reception area, came back to our room to get ready for bed. I chased Sandy around the reception area and he called security to stop me. We were both laughing because he was running away from just a friendly hug.

There was a 6.5 aftershock just after I crawled into bed.

Tags: vacation

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