njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

Trip entry number 19

Tuesday, March 17, 2010 – Santiago, Chile

I got up early to have breakfast and go on a tour of the Concho Y Toro winery. Mom had decided not to go to save her energy for the farewell dinner, so she got up and came down for breakfast in time to give me a hug then she went in and got coffee. She and Louise had coffee and cigarettes in the pool area where she gave Louise the last of her stinky American cigarettes, then went back to have breakfast. She sat with Beelee and Shubert. Mom said they ate enough to last them all day. Mom enjoyed fruit and a couple of pastries. She was very happy to get back onto regular food and not feel as weak as she had. She is really enjoying having her walker and her freedom.

There was another aftershock about 10:30am. Mom went to the bar for a glass of strawberry juice and bar snacks for lunch because tonight is our farewell dinner. The hotel sent up some desserts (to make up for last night’s dinner??). We got ready and all went downstairs to wait for the bus that never came (there was a traffic accident in the tunnel and the bus couldn’t get through) so the hotel put their minivans to work and got us to the Camino Real restaurant on Cerro San Cristobal (Saint Christopher Hill) for a lovely meal. We sat with Pamela (a retired small claims court judge) and her husband Gordon (a retired criminal court judge), Olga and Richard, and Pamela’s friends Robin and Judith. We really started having fun when Mario (our bus driver) brought us back from the restaurant and we were singing and laughing and really having a group feeling. Mario didn’t speak English, so I asked Lisette (our guide) to translate and tell him that he has the most gorgeous eyes. He told me, through Lisette, that I am a very kind lady. Later, when we were singing songs, he sang a Spanish love song to me in front of the whole bus.

When we got back to the hotel Mom went for a smoke with Pamela. Gordon went with them. I went to the room and then went looking for Mom when she didn’t show up. I found her with Pamela and Gordon. I joined them and ordered a Pisco Sour. We all had a drink and then Tony joined us and we stayed there until after 2am and had a great time. We closed the bar. Finally, after 2am back in our room we got ready for our last night away from home.

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