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knee pain

Knee surgery

Surgery is less than a week away and I've started having nightmares. These are not the usual nightmares about the doctor removing something that's not supposed to be removed, or strange complications. Nope. I have nightmares about weather not letting me get to the hospital. Specifically, a wall of water washes out the freeway and bridges and I have to crawl across what's left of the girders to get to the hospital for my surgery. The strangest thing is that everything is "normal" inside the hospital as though there is no major emergency outside.

Weird? Yup, that's me.



I'm sorry you've been having nightmares about your surgery. I know I've had numerous dreams where I had to get somewhere (like an exam) and found myself encountering all of these obstacles. I remember one dream where my high school suddenly became the size of a hospital with multiple floors and more rooms than I could count. I gave up looking for my exam room before I even woke up! *g* Anywaaaaay, I think it's only natural for your impending knee surgery to crop up in your dreams. I'm sure it's very much in your thoughts and is something your brain is trying to process.
Ooooh, I've had those exam dreams too. Did you ever have the one where you sit down and they hand you an exam that is in another language or that is a completely different course? *shudder*
I believe I had a dream recently where I didn't know the answer to any of the questions on this multiple choice exam, which is strange since I'm not currently taking any courses... *g* Usually, I never even make it to the exam room as I seem to wake up before reaching my destination. A lot of dreams seem to involve me trying to get somewhere or find something, though I'll also have dreams where I'm trying to get away from someone or escape some type of danger. From what I've heard, such dreams are pretty common.
Yeah, the running away from something dream is supposed to be pretty common. I once wrote a poem about one such recurring dream. The dreams stopped after I wrote about them.

I used to have a massive fear of hospitals because that recurring dream involved running away from something in a hospital corridor with all the doors locked. It wasn't until I had to teach at hospitals that I finally got over that one.

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