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Writer's Block: Critical mass

How well do you take criticism? Do you deflect it or take it personally? Does it usually inspire you to change? Are you more critical of yourself or others?

I "take" it very well. I just don't "handle" it well. I take it and stew over it forever. It sometimes inspires me to change if it is something I *can* change. Criticism of something I have no control over just makes me angry. I'm a whole lot more critical of myself than others. I think it is a family trait.

An example: I've had many people tell me they like my laugh. I had one, yes one, person tell me I cackle like a witch. Who do you think I believed?


Oh pshh. The person who told you that you had a witch's cackle is silly! To think laughter can be criticized too.
Thank you. It took years (and a psychiatrist) before I could put this type of criticism into perspective. I *can* cackle like a witch when I want to, but I usually have a genuine and easy laugh.

Those who are jealous of easy laughter are the first to criticize it.
I know exactly what you mean. I can be very polite and civil when it's being dished out when secretly feeling upset or, at least, a little put out. However, saying that, I think I may be one of my biggest critics. My brand of humour is often self-deprecating. Sometimes, I think I try to cut up myself first to beat other people to the punch. *g*

Regarding that question about your laugh, I'm sure you believed that one person over everyone else because it always seems to be the negative criticism that stays with you.
I think you're right about the cutting up oneself before others can. Sometimes I think it's about minimizing the damage someone else can inflict by doing it first. Kinda like committing suicide to avoid being murdered. Not really bright, but we do it anyway. It is a way for us to take control.

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