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Woot! I can have a shower!

It is the little things that excite me...like being allowed to have a shower. Surgery was Monday. Today is day four. I removed the adhesive strips and can have a shower. Right now, I'm drinking a mug of tea. I'll probably just lie down for a nap and have a shower after DH gets home tonight in case I run into problems and need his help to get out of the tub. I still need his help to get up off the sofa. Damnable thing is too low to the ground.

The pain is subsiding day by day. I ice it and do the exercises I have to do and just keep up the regimen as instructed. I'll recover. The swelling has gone down somewhat, but the knee is still ugly. The thigh muscles are either swollen or have been built up over the past four days. I thought I had figure skater's thunder thighs before. At least they were evenly thunderous. I expect the swelling will ease and things will get back to normal.
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