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Polaris 24

Got part of my costume

The costume theme is English for this science fiction and fantasy convention. We didn't really want to do the usually Doctor Who or Torchwood characters, so lazigyrl and I are dressing as characters (the Bennet sisters) from the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

My dress came quite a while ago, but I got my boots yesterday. They are more Victorian and Regency, but they will still be a little better than running shoes. We bought poke bonnets that we now have to decorate. Once that's complete, we have to figure out how to make it look like we've been fighting zombies without actually destroying our beautiful gowns. I have a few ideas and we have a couple of months left to work on it.


Oh, what a brilliant idea! I still have to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (I'll borrow it from my mom), but I know enough about the novel to be able to picture you and lazigyrl in your costumes. Of course, the links you've provided help even more. Both the gown and boots are fabulous. Those poke bonnets will be a perfect way to complete the look.

I wonder if you could use something like red yarn or thread to similate zombie entrails and just drape it over a shoulder. Or maybe you could somehow create a zombie head (e.g. using a rubber monster mask) and pretend you've got it because you've just done some slicing and dicing. *g*
Thanks for the ideas. I was thinking of tying some red threads here and there on the dress to make it looks like blood splatters. I might buy some severed fingers and attach one to the dress or stick one in the bonnet. I think I'll go with subtle. I doubt the Bennet sisters would want to appear too grotesque.

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