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A sense of humour

When Brimley speaks, we try to either repeat what he says to fix it in his head that he got it right or carry on a conversation with him.

Background: The very first thing he mimicked was my laugh, so it is no wonder that Brimley has developed a sense of humour. He usually goes for tricky humour. He likes to play attack fingers that are under a blanket or sheet. When he connects, he stops and laughs.

Yesterday, he came up with a new game. I've been teaching him numbers. He is fixated on "four" (it's the number I stopped at because that's the number of Nutriberries he got each day). He was up on the top of the kitchen cupboards and said "five".  When hubby repeated "five" Brimley said "four" and laughed. I swear he's getting smarter.


First numbers... then world domination.
He's already dominated the apartment.
Ah, but this week he could just fly to Toronto and "bam1" he's got the world. (Just kidding should anyone out there be reading this. - Just because I'm paranoid...)
Don't worry about it. I'll just make sure he doesn't escape the apartment. He still hasn't figured out how to turn door knobs.
This would be the week for him to finally learn...

Of course, is world domination worth it? If I were him, I'd hold out for a better planet. :)
He said he could be bribed with an ice cream drumstick.
Oh, a bribe I can afford. Hm... but can he eat the whole thing?
No, he won't eat the whole thing of anything. He drops lots of stuff so all the forest floor dwelling creatures (aka vacuum cleaners) don't starve.
It's a little frightening just how smart Brimley is! *g* I think it's adorable that he first chose to mimic your laugh, and the "four" gag with your hubby was great!
He's way too smart.

April 2015



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