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A sense of humour

When Brimley speaks, we try to either repeat what he says to fix it in his head that he got it right or carry on a conversation with him.

Background: The very first thing he mimicked was my laugh, so it is no wonder that Brimley has developed a sense of humour. He usually goes for tricky humour. He likes to play attack fingers that are under a blanket or sheet. When he connects, he stops and laughs.

Yesterday, he came up with a new game. I've been teaching him numbers. He is fixated on "four" (it's the number I stopped at because that's the number of Nutriberries he got each day). He was up on the top of the kitchen cupboards and said "five".  When hubby repeated "five" Brimley said "four" and laughed. I swear he's getting smarter.
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