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Meat and Me

Meat Loaf

Tuesday, I drove to Oshawa for the Meat Loaf concert. He's promoting his newest CD (Hang Cool Teddy Bear). The CD rocks. I went a little crazy and paid for the "Meat and Greet" package. It consists of a tshirt, numbered poster, signed copy of the CD and an opportunity to meet Meat and have a photo taken. He is an incredibly polite and appreciative person. He loves his fans and always acknowledges that he is nothing without his fans.

The concert was wonderful. I was dead centre, second row. He sure puts on a great theatrical event. At 62, he has lost some of the voice that made his ballads famous, but he can still rock the heavier songs. As always, he and Karla Devito did a great skit for Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.



I'm glad you had such a fabulous time! Meat Loaf sounds like such a great guy! I think the "Meet and Greet" package was totally worth it if it meant you got to meet him! Love the picture of the two of you btw! It ROCKS! :-D
Thank you. It was fun. I took 234 other photos, but I have to go through them to weed out the bad ones. There are a lot of bad ones because of the lighting and constant movement, but I did manage to get a few really good ones.
Ooooh! I hope you'll consider posting the really good ones! I'd love to see them! :-D
I'll see what I can do. I still haven't found time to go through the pictures from my Feb/Mar vacation. Then again, there are over 1,000 of those.

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