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Idiote Suprême

That's me. I can't believe it. I started cross stitch number five on July 4 and all the work I've done on it was a complete waste of the time. I didn't have it centered on the aida, so I have to start over! Again! I am going to switch to evenweave because I think it will look better. I am so ticked with myself it isn't funny. There is no way I'll have it finished in time for our anniversary in September. It looks like he'll get it as a Christmas present instead. Now I have to go buy some evenweave. Oh well, I guess it gives me an opportunity to change the background colour. I think it will look better with a slightly darker coloured background than the light oatmeal I've been using.

Maybe it wasn't all a complete waste of time. I mean, I did fine-tune the design significantly so it will go much more smoothly when I start again. It also allowed me to fine-tune the design I'm taking to the reunion. I guess I didn't waste all the time; just most of it.

Tags: coat of arms, cross stitch, reunion

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