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Thank you to everyone who commiserated with me. I'm a little less overwhelmed now.

I went to the doctor and got a clean bill of health. I'm still tired but the parasite is gone and he said it would take a while to get my energy back.

I communicated with the instructor of the Medical Terminology course to ask if there is a better way to approach it. I told her I want to ace the course. She told me that nobody aces the course, but some people do very well. This has helped me lower my expectations. She also suggested I concentrate on the word parts rather than the complete words because the majority of the complete words are just different configurations of the parts. I have changed my focus and can work through a chapter much more quickly now. I can work with this. Straight memorization has never been my strong suit, so building words will be much better for me.

So, things are improving.

Again, thank you to all my LJ friends for the best wishes and good vibes. It is helping.

*virtual hugs all around*


I'm very happy to hear that things are improving! While it probably will take some time for you to get your energy back, it's great news about the clean bill of health. You can only start feeling better from this point on. Oh, and the new strategy for the Medical Terminology course sounds like it's doing wonders for you! :-)
Thank you. Knowing that nobody aces the course helped me set my priorities a little more appropriately and took a lot of stress away.
You may survive this yet. I am very glad to hear the parasite is gone. *crosses fingers that nothing else stops by*

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