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Meat Loaf performing

NaNoWriMo 2010

Woot! I put a huge push on this weekend to finish the stuff I had to do for the Romance Writing course and finished it. Since it was what I was using for my NaNo writing, I have also finished NaNo. Yay! I have my green bar that will turn to purple when I validate after the 25th. I'm very, very happy...especially considering I was thinking about skipping NaNo altogether this year.


That's awesome! Congratulations on your big NaNo finish! :-D

It's wonderful that you were able to take the work you did for the Romance Writing course and apply it to NaNo. I didn't realize you could do that, though I think it's a great idea. Maybe NaNo might encourage more people to take creative writing courses. :-) Anywaaaaay, I'm glad you didn't have to skip NaNo and ended up kicking its ass instead! *g*
I don't consider it a real attempt at NaNo, but I was afraid I would not go back to it if I skipped a year. I'm just happy the course is finished so I can concentrate on the Medical Terminology course. I am not taking three courses again, especially since the instructor in the terminology course recommends taking it alone because of the workload. I am an insane sucker for punishment.
Congrats. I'll get there, but probably not before the weekend. After several false rounds of cramps something finally hit on Sunday, and Jesus, Joseph and Mary did it ever hit. I'm currently hopped up on drugs (on the edge of od) and a heating pad turned way up yet still in pain.
I recommend orgasms. They moderate the cramps. I had a female doctor who recommended it. She was right.

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