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Basting is finished. I can start stitching colours now

Isn't this exciting? I can finally start stitching with floss. Wow! So exciting. I mean, it isn't like I already stitched 3,000+ stitches on this same pattern already. Oh, wait! Yes, I did. Well, this time is different. I keep telling myself it will be much better this time. And, darn it, it will. I calculated the stitches in the pattern and it adds up to between 31,000 and 32,000, not including extensive backstitching. This is a rather major undertaking for someone who started cross stitching only two months ago.

I made a trip to the Cross Stitch Cupboard today and the lady there was rather surprised and impressed that I am already working on linen after only two months. I guess that's some kind of feat. I don't know. I just like the look of it better and the way quarter and three quarter stitches are easier to work. I just have to keep remembering to stitch over two instead of one.

I borrowed my stepson's digital camera for the reunion. I think I have most of the features figured out. The ones I haven't figured out are ones I don't need.

I think I'm pretty much ready for the trip. I still have to pack and I have 175 pages left to read in The Vengeance Equation; but I will just take the book with me if I don't get it finished. It is a paperback, so won't add too much to the travel weight.

The doctor diagnosed me with TMJ (temporomandibular joint disfunction, or whatever the latest terminology is) back in March. I disagreed with his diagnosis. Well, since then I have done some research and performed a few of my own tests and determined that he is probably right. And, boy, does it hurt. I can't open my mouth as widely as I used to and chewing, yawning, etc. make it worse. I may have to go on a soft food diet for  a while to let it calm down. I guess that means ice cream and Jello. I'll gladly make those sacrifices for pain free living.



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