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Last week, we lost my mother for a while. That was resolved in a previous post.

Last night, hubby got a phone call from his aunt. His mother (my mother-in-law, Helen) got up in the night to use the washroom and fell. She broke her left hip and her left arm in a couple of places. She also landed behind the bathroom door so she couldn't get to the phone. The next door neighbour saw that the curtains weren't open when she came home from work Sunday afternoon so got the spare key and went investigating. She found Helen about twelve hours after the fall and called an ambulance. At 8pm last night, Helen was in surgery. Hubby caught a few hours sleep then got up at 2am to drive there. I've asked him to call me every afternoon to keep me informed. I have no additional news, but he could be there for quite a while because she will need constant care for at least six weeks after she gets out of hospital.
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