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Some Happy News

After much work to find the best deal, I have booked a trip with my sister and mother. My other sister was going to come with us, but she couldn't find her passport. Traveling with lazigyrl was an option too, but being the third person in the cabin is about $500 cheaper than the cheapest cabin. We won't be letting my mom fly alone on this trip so she shouldn't get lost.

The trip is a "Rail and Sail" next September. We fly from New York City to Madrid (for a couple of days). Take the high speed train to Barcelona where we get on a ship to visit Monaco, Livorno, Rome (Civitavecchia), Naples, Messina, Mallorca, Marseilles, and back to Barcelona, then fly back to New York. We still have to make our way to and from New York.

Mom and I are hoping we don't end up with any major earthquakes, hurricane winds, or lost luggage like on our trip to South America. We are also very hopeful that Mount Vesuvius and Mount Etna are quiet while we're there.
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