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Some people are idiots

I accept electronics for recycling. I'm working today (and yesterday). I gave my staff the week off to be with family because my hubby is away and I'd just be depressed at home. That's the background.

A woman phone because she was sitting directly in front of my door and the door was locked. I told her I was standing at my door and didn't see anyone. Her tone was accusatory as she swore she was at the right address and I was being wilfully ignorant by not opening the door for her. We are in building 14 and she was at building 20.

I had two able-bodied men drive up with a heavy Sony TV. All they did was complain that it was really heavy and did I have a cart to use for moving it.... The van door was two feet from my loading dock door. Lifting the TV out of the vehicle and onto a cart would be just as much effort as lifting onto the floor of the loading dock. In fact, using a cart would have taken more effort than just holding it for two seconds longer and setting it on the floor. I finally got sick of listening to them and started to lift the 150 pound TV by myself. Did either of them help? No, they stood back and watched as it fell on my foot. Not only did it fall on my foot, it missed the steel toe and will definitely leave a bruise. As they were leaving they commented, "That was painless." I doubt they even realize the irony of their statement.

All I can say is that after two days of lifting really heavy TVs, I am definitely going to need some muscle relaxants. My back has been in spasms for most of the day. My foot is now throbbing. I have another three and a half hours to get through before the end of the day and I'm just hoping I don't kill some idiot.


Okay... Do you want to just go home after all that? 'Cause I got to be honest, I like living (most of the time).
I might be a few minutes late. I plan to pick up a muscle relaxant before we go to the movie.

For the record, I have had some nice people in today. I had a disabled woman carry the bits and pieces and be very thankful for my efforts. This is after she was surprised I was doing all this alone.

This time next year we'll be fully staffed in this location. Business has been busier than our regular times and I can't keep up by myself.
OUCH -- for both your foot and what sounds like a hellish day in general! While that woman at the wrong address is obviously an idiot, I'd say those two men were selfish idiots. They should be ashamed of themselves for doing nothing to help you, not to mention being too weak and fragile to carry one TV between them for a very short distance.

I hope you got through the day without having to deal with any more idiots. I also hope your back and foot feel better soon.
Thank you. Surprisingly, my foot did not bruise. Me knee managed to get a good scrape.

I survived the day and didn't kill anyone. I think because I was going to see The King's Speech with Lazigyrl. Brilliant movie, by the way. I'm going again tomorrow with hubby.

I did have some really nice people in as well, but they seem to get overshadowed by the idiots.

Happy new year!
*pets you* Aren't those the worst days? When people are idiotic around you, I mean.

Hope this week the people have been better!
This week was much better. I may own the company, but I still have to deal with customers. Don't you just love the service industry?

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