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Waaaahhh! It's over!

Well, we got back from the family reunion on Saturday morning. It didn't last nearly long enough. There were no fights or arguments or anything. Everyone got along (as far as I could see). The weather cooperated during the reunion. (The record still stands...whenever an eastern Jensen goes to Alberta it rains; but the rain stopped before the reunion. It is a good thing we got there a day early so it would have time to stop.) There was WAY too much food; but that's normal for these things. I actually heard someone say, "Oh, are we eating again!?!" Hey, that's what we do when we get together. It gives us something to talk about if we run out of other topics.

The hall and lodge were across the road from where my grandparents farmed. And we toured a house where they lived. Thank you goes out to the Christiansens for allowing us to invade their privacy. They are wonderful people. Apparently, my Dad helped build the hall in the 1940s. The lodge is only a couple of years old and is almost completely booked. It has four bedrooms and is absolutely gorgeous...very comfortable and downright luxurious.

I think it was a mistake to take the red-eye flight back from Alberta. We got back to Ontario absolutely exhausted. It was my Mom's birthday on Saturday and the flight crew had the whole plane sing happy birthday to her and they gave her some good chocolates as a gift. I'm going to have to send a thank you note to WestJet. All five flights were pleasant, in spite of the exhaustion.

Kudos must go out to the ladies who made all the plans and did all the work for the reunion. Carole, Bonnie, Janet, Auntie Lois, Karen, Debbie, Christine, and any others I've forgotten here. (I am terrible with names, so I apologize for those I know I've missed and for those I don't know I've missed.)

Also, special thanks to Carole, Bonnie, Jen and Auntie Lois for transportation and accommodations pre and post reunion. Your hospitality is greatly appreciated.

It was really nice to get to know all the relatives I didn't know as well as to get some historical information about the family.
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