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warm puppy

Marks from Fall Courses

I finally got my marks.

Romance Writing A-
Medical Terminology A+
Medical Keyboarding A+

I figured I had achieved only a B in Romance Writing, so I'm happy with those marks.

Three courses at once is stressful, especially since the Medical Terminology course was very heavy. I think this semester will be a little easier.


Holy crap! You got an A+ on the Medical Terminology course? The course that no one does well in? That's FANTASTIC! :-D Congratulations on acing that course -- and the other two, of course! I hope the next semester goes equally well!
Thank you. I still can't believe I aced that one. I was so freaked out when I started that I almost pulled out of it. I am most surprised by the Romance Writing course. I thought I deserved a B at best because my heart wasn't in it at all. In fact, I fobbed off old writing for most of the assignments.
Congrats, you over achiever you.:)
Thank you. I worked hard at it.
That's pretty cool! I didn't even know you were taking classes! Where are you taking them? Do you like them? What's the Romance Writing class like (the name of the class alone tickles my fancy!)?
I'm taking these all online through Algonquin College. The Romance Writing course was the last one toward the Creative Writing Certificate. I didn't really focus enough to enjoy that course because I was starting to work on the Medical Transcription Certificate. The Romance Writing class was useful because it dispelled a lot of the impressions I had from thirty years ago when I had last read a genre romance. Things are different now. Also, it can be a lucrative field for someone who can write quickly and consistently.

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