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Carnival Magic

Finally Booked

The cruise has finally been booked. I'm sharing a cabin with my sister (heaven help us both). We'll be inside but not in the bowels of the ship. We'll be on the ninth deck near our mom and other sister who will have a balcony cabin. (Guess which one we'll use for hanging out.) The cost is $2,698 US, including airfare from New York City, hotels in Madrid and Barcelona, and all transfers. I have to come up with $2,000 before June and then figure out how to pay to get to and from New York City. Money is really tight but my sister said she would help me if I needed it even though money is tight for her too (she's on disability). I think I'm finally beginning to see this as real. Is it time to get excited yet?


It's great that the cruise has been booked! :-)

I hope you survive sharing a cabin with your sister. I'm guessing you won't be spending too much time there and will probably be pretty tired at the end of each day. I have to say that $2,698 US sounds like a pretty good deal. However, with the various debts I've been trying to pay down, I know I'd be struggling with that amount too. I hope you're able to raise that $2,000 before June and figure out the finances for travel to and from New York City. You've still got time, so I'm sure you'll work it out. I think it's time to get excited. :-)
I understand about debt. I'm in it up to my eyeballs. Kudos to you for paying it down. I plan to do that when the cruise is over. Actually, I am starting to do it now, but the cruise will bring it back up before I can bring it down again.

My sister and I have called a truce so we can cope with each other on the trip. She was expecting me to carry her luggage and be her "assistant" because she is mildly disabled; it hurts to stand for longer periods of time but she will have a wheelchair in the airports. I told her this is a pleasure trip for me, not a working one like the last one where I took care of my mom. I warned her to bring as little as possible because it is her responsibility. I'm starting early to set expectations appropriately. Unless someone is paying my fare, I will not allow myself to be co-opted into being a beast of burden. Sorry, I didn't mean to rant.

Yes, $2,698 is an amazing price, especially with the flight to Europe and back included. Also hotels in Europe are notoriously expensive. About $600 (lowest fare) for flights, $600 for hotels, $150 for the train. That leaves about $1,350 for two city tours (Madrid and Barcelona); transfers, taxes and fees; and the cruise itself. I think we did very well.

I'm not quite at the excited stage yet. I have too much else going on between now and then.
Well, debt aside, I think we all need to indulge in something like a trip every once in a while. Life hardly seems worth it if you stop having fun altogether. Besides, you're still trying to pay some of the debt off while saving for the cruise. Even if you have to put that on hold, you're intending to focus on your debt again after the trip.

I don't blame you for the rant. I think it's good that you're setting some expectations now and letting your sister know that this is supposed to be a pleasure trip. The last thing you want to be is a beast of burden. I'm glad you've made that clear to your sister.

You really are doing well to have all of those things included with the $2,698 price tag. I could easily see all of that costing twice as much.

I think it makes sense that you haven't reached the excited stage yet. I usually don't feel that way myself until just before the trip. Before that, it doesn't feel quite real, even with the various arrangements being made, etc.
I wrote a nice long reply but my Internet access disappeared. Now I can't remember everything I wanted to post. The only thing I remember is the last paragraph so I'll post it.

I wish I could take all my LJ friends with me on the trip. I think we'd have a blast.

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