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Ménière's Disease

Last night, Hubby reminded me that I had a vertigo attack about six months ago. I had conveniently forgotten about it. This news makes it much less likely that Ménière's is a misdiagnosis. The good news is that 60-80% of people diagnosed with it do not develop serious disability. So far, I just have a lot of dizziness and the odd time when I feel like I've had way too much to drink and got on the worst ride at the amusement park. I guess this makes me a really, really cheap drunk. Unfortunately, it also requires a lot more sleep than I usually get.

I am determined that this will not keep me from doing the things I want to do. Even if I have to take some things a little slower, I will not give in. Yup, them's fightin' words. "Never give up. Never surrender."
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