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Never Give Up

Ménière's Disease

Last night, Hubby reminded me that I had a vertigo attack about six months ago. I had conveniently forgotten about it. This news makes it much less likely that Ménière's is a misdiagnosis. The good news is that 60-80% of people diagnosed with it do not develop serious disability. So far, I just have a lot of dizziness and the odd time when I feel like I've had way too much to drink and got on the worst ride at the amusement park. I guess this makes me a really, really cheap drunk. Unfortunately, it also requires a lot more sleep than I usually get.

I am determined that this will not keep me from doing the things I want to do. Even if I have to take some things a little slower, I will not give in. Yup, them's fightin' words. "Never give up. Never surrender."


The other person I know with Menieres also changed her diet to eliminate tons of salt.
I don't add salt to very many things, and then only a little. I have started weeding out the salt in the prepared foods I've been eating. Apparently, reducing carbs can help too. That's going to be troublesome.

My next step is to follow up with my doctor to let him know the meds he prescribed didn't work. I'll give it another week and then call him. I want to also make sure he does whatever tests need to be done in order to make a more definitive diagnosis. Knowing with a fair amount of certainty will allow me to take more appropriate steps in preserving my health.

I'm feeling more positive than when I first got the news and started researching.
I'm glad to hear that 60-80% of people diagnosed with Ménière's don't develop serious disabilities. Here's hoping that the symptoms you've experienced so far are the worst symptoms you'll be dealing with. It will be an adjustment, but I think it's much better to have to slow down a little than to give up. I'm sure you'll find a way to live with this and still do the things you want to do most. :-)
Thank you for the positive thoughts. The disease is both permanant and progressive. That said, I will not go without a fight. I'm too freakin' young to give up.

April 2015



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