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head desk


I haven't been posting much, and I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much either. I'm just kinda meh.

I have been dealing with an instructor who is a lazy and vindictive witch. On our assignments, she would indicate where we had made an error but would not indicate how to fix it, or even what that error was (e.g., she would simply type "format" without explanation even though our source material often gives conflicting information). When three of us asked her to provide a little more feedback she responded that she had been lenient but now EVERY error would receive marks off. (Capitals were hers.) I posted a response that politely called her on her vindictiveness and expressed concern that my speaking out may bring retribution. She started to backtrack. Another student backed me up and went even further by threatening to go to her boss. The instructor is in major backtracking mode now.

I am concerned about what is going to happen to my marks, but I just couldn't take it any longer. Unfortunately, she is also the instructor for the next compulsory course so I can't avoid her. To hell with the marks. I just want to finish the courses and be done with her. I know she cannot trump up enough small errors to give me less than a B, so I'm not overly concerned but I would just really have liked to maintain my A average.


Your instructor sounds like a complete nightmare. I think laziness is one of the least forgiveable flaws in an instructor. Kudos to you for calling her on her infantile behaviour. I'm glad that another student backed you up and even threatened to go to her boss. I'm hoping the backtracking means that she'll make more of an effort to get with the program.

I hope your marks don't suffer as a result of all this. I think if I were in your shoes I'd also say to hell with the marks and just concentrate on finishing her courses and seeing the last of her.
Thanks, Rusty. I'm going to just work hard and get through these courses. I know I can do the work, so I'm not concerned about starting to work in the field. I'm just going to take what I can and move on.
Back up from other students is good. It also shows that you made the right move, if some one is quick to take what you started and take it to the next level. Obviously, everyone is frustrated with her. Though I do hope you can maintain that A average, just know you are doing you doing very well in a bad situation if you don't.
You know how competitive I can be with my marks. I hate not measuring up to my own standards. That said, I'm just pushing through and hoping for the best at this point.

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