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Finally, my Meat Loaf CD collection is complete. I now own all the original CDs (though not necessarily first releases). I didn't bother picking up the Greatest Hits and Collections CDs. I guess I'm still, sort of, missing one; Meat Loaf and Stoney is only available on vinyl and I don't have a turntable. Time to start ripping and putting them on my MP3 player.

I don't think I'll try to collect all his movies. There are way too many in which he plays just a bit part. I do own several in which he plays larger parts. Hell, I even toyed with the idea of buying "Not So Little, Jon" from The Celebrity Apprentice until I realized I don't have any kids around.

Speaking of The Celebrity Appentice and Meat Loaf, apparently Meat has to be held back from killing Gary Busey on this Sunday's show. I can't wait to see the fireworks.
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