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One down....

One exam done: 28 minutes to write a 3 hour exam. Either I know the stuff well or I messed up big time.

The final for the second course has three components: proofreading 2 reports, transcribing 2 reports, online theory component. I have completed and submitted the proofreading. I have typed out the transcription and now have to go over it to get the right words in place (instead of the phonetic versions I use when it's a word I don't know) and the format is correct. That leaves the theory component.

And, it is time to sign up for the next course. I'm only taking one next semester. I'm burning out, both mentally and financially.


I would think that if you didn't know your stuff, you would have been sitting there wracking your brain rather than completing everything in 28 minutes. I'm sure you aced that first exam. :-)

Good luck with the final for the second course. By the sound of it, you have everything under control.

I don't blame you for going with only one course next semester. Considering how many courses you've completed, it's not surprising that you're burning out mentally and financially. And maybe if you're just focusing on one course, you'll be able to enjoy the experience more as you'll be less stressed.
Thanks, Rusty, you always give good feedback. I think I did well, but I never feel confident enough to say so. There is always the chance that my brain thought it knew what it was doing and just picked all the wrong answers. I sometimes write the wrong letter for multiple choice questions. (The exam didn't allow for circling the correct answer.)

I finished the three parts of the exam for the other course just last night. I did well on the one I got marks back on. (114/116)

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