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We had a great day yesterday as we held an electronics recycling event in Carleton Place. It was our best event ever as we collected about 27 tonnes. We worked from 8am to after midnight just packaging and trucking it back to our location in Smiths Falls. It took seven (yes seven) truck trips. The same even last year collected only one and a half truck loads.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it through the whole event. The event was open from 9am to 3pm, and I made it through that. I had to leave at 7pm because I developed heatstroke. Hubby dropped me at the hospital and went back to work. I got pumped full with a liter of fluids and then released about 11pm. There is some concern that I have an infection (elevated white blood cell count) but it can't be treated unless we figure out what type of infection. Since I am not showing any other signs of infection, I was released with instructions to watch for symptoms and return if any show up.

I wore long pants, a hat, and sunglasses, so it was just my arms (from elbows to fingers) and the lower part of my face that got really badly burned. My face is just red, but my arms are painful deep into the tissues. It is 1:15am and I am in tears with the pain. That's after taking Tylenol. I have very real empathy for people with severe burns.

I suppose I will recover. The doctor also told me I should never spend more than a couple of hours in the sun, and definitely not during the middle of the day, because I'm a "ginger." I informed her the red hair came from a bottle. Her response was that I still have the colouring of a ginger and should heed the advice. I will just have to use loads of sunscreen or sunblock when I go to waterparks. I refuse to give up on them.
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