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The Election

This is all I'm going to say about the election because my views differ from the majority on my flist: At least we don't have to vote again for another four years.


I like the fact that the Bloc got blown away (and may they stay that way). I know you're not a fan of the NDP, but at least Quebec went with an actual federal party this time.
Actually, I don't mind that the NDP got so many seats. It will be nice to have an opposition that is more different from the ruling party for a change.

I love that the Bloc was blocked. Sorry, couldn't resist. I think no one was more surprised than Jack Layton.
I think it's more useful to have the NDP as the opposition. And given Jack once joked about coming in behind the Marijuana Party in Quebec I would say he was very surprised. Happy, but surprised.
LOL! I think that's about the only positive spin you can put on it! *g*
Actually, I am quite pleased with the election result. I realize the majority of people on my flist are not so I'm not inclined to inflame sensibilities by gloating. I try to keep politics out of my friendships.
Oooops. Sorry. I should have realized that might be the case. Well, it's very gracious of you not to gloat. As you say, it's best to keep politics out of friendships. :-)
The majority of my few friends have political leanings different from my own. I think it's because I'm a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. I want the economy taken care of, but I want the government to stay out of social policy. Even with that said, I don't trust any of the parties and tend to vote for the candidate in my riding whom I mistrust the least.

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