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New Hobby

I made a little purchase on Wednesday and am eagerly awaiting its delivery. I'm taking up chain mailling. Yes, mailling has two "l"s to differentiate it from sending mail. Hubby is hoping to make armour and I'm planning on jewelry. Then again, after I've been at it for a while I want to make sculptures. A TARDIS may be in my future...at least that's my dream. Imagine a TARDIS made completely from rings. Kewl!


OMIGOD! That's, like, the coolest thing I've heard all week! I LOVE chainmail! :-D Okay, I've never actually made any, but I have a chainmail keychain that I bought at the Tower of London years ago. Anywaaaaay, I really hope you and your hubby enjoy your exciting new hobby!
Thank you. Chain mail is great. I can picture The Doctor saying, "I wear chain mail now; chain mail is cool."

I am so hyped about it that I can't do school work. (Big problem since my course started today.) I just keep browsing sites with cool designs.

If you ever think you might like to do it (doesn't take a lot of space), a good Canadian source is www.theringlord.com.
Ooooh! Thanks for the link! :-) I'm not surprised you're too hyped to concentrate on school work. I've had a thing for chainmail since my teens when I got into Robin of Sherwood, King Arthur, etc.
I think the majority of people are fascinated by chain mail. Who wouldn't be fascinated by something made out of nothing but circles of metal? All the different patterns are intriguing.
You do know how I love chainmail, right?
You got me hooked on cross stitch. Maybe I can get you hooked on chain mail. Check out www.theringlord.com for a Canadian supplier who comes highly recommended.

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