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Obituary - Lucky

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Lucky, our adopted foster budgie. He died peacefully doing what he enjoyed most - being with his third wife/mate (that we know about). He is predeceased by his mates Kermit and Angel as well as his friend Edbird (Eddie). He will be greatly missed by his third mate Harrier Jet (Harry), his squawking buddy Brimley, and his adoptive/foster parents Randy and Nancy. Lucky was estimated to be between 15 and 20 years old. We were his third family. For the past seven years, he lived free with other budgies in a large tree in the living room. He had a good, long life and died happy.

The picture is from http://www.davu.co.uk/myillustrations.htm. Please respect the ownership of this image. I have informed the owner of my use. Please do not copy the image.


That is a pretty, Lucky-like picture. Very apropos.

Thank you

Yes, the picture is very Lucky-like. I left a message for the originator to say I am using it and will remove it if desired. I don't think there will be a problem because I gave credit and a link and I am not using it for commercial purposes. I hope the artist gets some exposure from this.

Harry is really sad. I stayed in the living room with her until I went to bed last night. She took a drink of water but I don't think she has eaten anything. Brimley still calls to Lucky and Harry answers once in a while.
I'm very sorry about Lucky. My family just lost a pet recently, so I know what you're going through. At least you can take comfort in the fact that Lucky had a full and happy life and that he was with his mate when he died.

Thank you

I am sorry to hear about your loss.

Thank you for your condolences regarding Lucky. He really lived up to his name. We were his third home. He had to leave the first because of allergies (his owner's, not his). At the second home, he had a mate (Kermit) who died. He stopped eating and was wasting away when we agreed to take him in so he could be with other budgies. He absolutely thrived with the three we had. He had two more mates before he died. I'd say he was Lucky. He was also a very caring mate. When his second mate (Angel, Harry's mother) couldn't grasp branches anymore, he would stand beside her with his foot on her back to keep her steady in between bringing her food. He wasn't Harry's dad, so the subsequent mating isn't weird. I think Harry has lived as long as she has because of Lucky. Her dad (Chiqui) only lived four years. Her mom (Angel) made it to six years. Harry is already nine.

Lucky was given a dignified burial near our previous three budgies. We even have a birdy stone sculpture to place over their graves when we finally do something with the back garden.

Re: Thank you

It sounds like he definitely did live up to his name! He also sounds like he was one special bird considering how caring he was as a mate. I'm amazed by how tenderly he cared for Angel when she couldn't grasp branches anymore. That's truly incredible.

It's nice that Lucky is being buried in the garden with your three previous budgies. I'm sure the birdy stone sculpture will make a beautiful grave marker.

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