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The Weekend

The weekend was way too short. This working 6 days a week is stupid. I can't really complain because hubby is working 7. Still, I managed to clean up the kitchen, do the laundry, make 4 chainmail/scale flowers and 1 candle skirt. I also modified my Polaris costume so it fits my shoulders without shoulder pads. My belly is too big, so the shoulders were hanging half way to my elbows. A couple of tucks worked. It's not super pretty, but it is functional and doesn't completely destroy the look of the costume.

I also finished a bracelet for a friend. It looks marvelous.

I will post pictures as soon as I recharge my camera battery.

I forgot to add that I broke a toe last week (9th time, for those keeping track) and injured the middle finger on my right hand about 3 weeks ago (bashed the knuckle badly). As nothing was displaced in either case, I just carried on and took pain killers. (I'm either one tough broad or I'm a martyr.) The blisters and calluses from making chainmaille might do me in though. I swear I hate working in stainless steel. Aluminum and copper are much softer. Oh, and my pliers slipped and jabbed my hand while working with the stainless; that might account for my hatred of it.


Oh, sure. One up me with your multiple injuries. *g* Yikes! I know this will sound rich coming from me, but you've really got to be more careful!

I'm glad your one day off was so productive. Please post pictures of your chainmail creations once you've had a chance to recharge your camera battery because I love chainmail and I'd love to see them! :-D
Sorry, I didn't intend to one-up you. It has just been a rather bad few weeks. Believe it or not, I am pretty careful. I wear steel toe boots at work and never walk barefoot. I don't know what happened to that toe. I'm still not convinced that toe is actually broken, but two of them have felt very, very strange for about 6 days.

I will post pictures. I promise. I just don't guarantee the quality. I made three more flowers last night. (I make flowers now. Flowers are cool.)
Oh, I know you didn't intend to one-up me. I was just giving you a hard time. *g* Looking forward to any pictures you post. :-)
You are a walking accident. Take it from one who knows about being a walking accident.
I am not convinced my toe is actually broken. I don't remember doing it and I don't walk barefoot any more. That said, two of my toes feel really funny (like when I broke one and sprained the other) and they are the two I mangled falling down the stairs several years ago.

The finger knuckle is painful, but hasn't stopped me from doing things.

So, do we get along so well because we both understand the walking accident thing?

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