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The Move Rant - feel free to skip

Every time I have asked about a specific thing regarding the move I was told, "Don't worry, it'll get done." I knew it would fall to me to get these things done

The move is not going well. We had to wait for the "other" company to move out. They were delayed a week, so that delayed everything for us too. The office I'm supposed to get still have someone in it, and will have someone in it for another week or so, meaning I have no idea where I will be or how I will be able to work. The move has been just one mess-up after another. I was told the hydro and gas accounts over there were already transferred to my company so I didn't need to do anything. Then, yesterday, TWO DAYS BEFORE THE MOVE, I was informed that I still had to set up my new accounts. Oh, and we had our 5-tonne truck in for its annual maintenance and check. We got it back yesterday and discovered "something" leaking. We don't know what, but we're watching it closely.

We both need vacations, badly.


Right... "Don't worry, it'll get done." is in fact an evil phrase.
It's more like "Don't worry, it'll get done, by you when we finally decide to let you know about it."
I'm sorry the move is proving to be such a nightmare. It must be extremely frustrating to be at the mercy of other people when it comes to delayed schedules and incomplete checklists. I hope these are the worst surprises you'll encounter. Good luck with the office situation and the 5-tonne truck...

On the bright side, it won't be long until Polaris. I found out that my friend's bridal shower is on the 16th, but I'll be able to see you guys on the 17th. :-)
Woot! I'm looking forward to meeting you IRL.

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